NEW! Rasta Handbag

True head turning style. Catch their eye with the vibrant colors of this Rasta Handbag. A quick, fun and easy way to spice up your wardrobe and show off your African roots in style. C-A211
Bag measures 16″x16″. Strap is 32″ long. 100% cotton. Made in India.
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Get rid of acne naturally

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders, caused by oil secreting glands underneath the skin. The oil glands provide sebum that keep the skin moisturized. Acne, pimples, blemishes and other related skin disorders can occur when these glands are blocked due to poor skin care, extreme stress levels, genetic makeup and hormonal imbalances in an individual.
African American fashion model with afro hairstyle.
Acne is mostly common in teens and females, and is identified by the presence of clogged pores and pimples at its initial stage, blackheads at its moderate stage and finally could develop into large spots and inflammation if not given appropriate treatment.

There are several natural solutions for acne treatments, that are safer and affordable. African black soap and tea tree essential oil are a natural and effective means of curing acne, that are more gentle and safe than the other products on the market. African black soap and tea tree essential oil contain vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and are naturally anti-viral and antibacterial.

Set Of 3 Magnetic Copper Bracelets

Since Roman times, copper and magnet bracelets are believed to provide effective relief to arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Made of pure copper with tiny magnets attached on both edges, this set of 3 Magnetic Copper Bracelets is a stylish method to ease joint and muscle pain and discomfort. Each bracelet is 6″ long with an adjustable gap for most wrist sizes. Made in India.
*Not sold as a medical device & is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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Set Of 96 Oils + Wooden Display

Save more and sell more with this pre-packaged Set of 96 Oils. Made up of the most popular oils that are sure to sell. You will pay the lowest cost for the oils ($1.66 per bottle) and get the wooden display at no extra cost!
Organized this way, customers can easily see a full selection of oils and they find more of what they want. Quick and easy set up for fast and convenient selling.

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Set Of 3 Elephant Charm Chain Bracelets

This beautiful set of 3 Elephant charm bracelets is a great way to show African culture in an elegant way. Charm yourself and others with the gold, silver or copper bracelets that adjust to almost any wrist size. The elephant charm gives a simple, yet feminine style. Each bracelet fits up to an 7.5″ wrist. Made in China.J-SET284

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Jump Starting A New Business

First things first- think about how much a new customer is worth to you. Giving samples and free products might seem “scary” to a new business owner; but as long as you know that people will love what you are offering, you can give them a product for free and still make money. Even if you lose a little money when a new customer buys something, you make money when they start to come back to you again and again. iStock_000011987106_Full
For example, one of the strangest priced items that we sell is the start up kit for people starting a new business with us. We sell this for less than we spend to send it to someone. But the starter kit really works in helping someone to grow a new business. We figured out that the people who buy the starter kit from us order almost 12 times as much in the first year as people who don’t buy the starter kit. When they succeed, then we succeed too. They sell a lot more; they make more money for their work; and they buy more product from us.
Many businesses figure out the lifetime value of their customers. If the average new customer brings them $100 of profit in the future, they feel that they can give away $10 of product to get them started, and still make $90 eventually.

You can do the same thing. Just choose a product that you know works really well for people. Give it away or sell it really cheap; and then wait for them to come back for more. If the give away product really does work for your new customers, then six months from now, you have more money than you would if you had never given the free or discounted product away.

For a lot of people, giving away a free bar of soap makes them more money than the cost of the soap. When people use one of your soaps, most of them will decide that they like it enough to order more. When they do, you make back the cost of the original soap you gave away, and end up with a repeat customer who will come back to you again and again. You can also then give the same customer samples of other products; and get them to start ordering a bigger variety of things from you over time.
Check out our best selling soaps for an idea of what might work well for you!

Illustrious Elephant Scarf

Wrap up in the cultural beauty of this illustrious elephant scarf. A truly ethnic design with comfort and flare. 100% viscose and available in black or white. 42″ x 70″. Made in China.
Machine wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Iron with low heat. Do not tumble dry.
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Desired Diva: Liquid Black Soap – 8 oz.

Cleanse and nourish your skin with liquid black soap made the traditional way. Simply apply onto your skin and rinse off for a fresh, deep clean feeling. Made with purified water, palm oil, palm kernal oil, cocoa pod and plantain leaf ash. 8 oz.DD-115m

African Doll – Deluxe On Stand: LARGE

Welcome her into your home with open arms!
Sweeten up your environment with a genuine African woman doll. Dressed in authentic African clothing made from actual African fabrics. Wonderful gift idea! Clothing styles will vary.15-16″ tall. Made in Senegal. M-D020
**NOTICE: These dolls contain small parts that may be a choking hazard for small children. Please take caution.

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