About Africa Imports

My name is Wayne Kiltz. I am the owner of Africa Imports; and I am the one who writes these posts. I am shown below with my wife Randy in Africa, and again at our home in New Jersey. We may not look like what you expected for African traders; but we have a life changing love for both the people and the culture of Africa.

Africa Imports is the largest supplier of African and Afrocentric products in the US. The main purpose of Africa Imports is to help people like you succeed faster and easier by marketing African products. By selling products made in Africa, you are helping many people in Africa financially.

The main reason that I write this blog is to give wholesale customers more ideas for ways to keep their businesses growing. It is also a great way for you to give us feedback; help other readers with your ideas; and just have a good time talking about products and culture that you love.

In case you want to know more about Randy and me, we have more experience with African products than almost anyone you could ever meet. We have spent an average of 130 hours a week focused on these products for the last 10 years. We buy and sell millions of dollars worth of these products each year. We know more African traders from more African countries than almost anyone else that I know of. We have also run two very successful other businesses before.

If you still want to know more, we live in a very modest home; drive VERY modest cars; and live very simple lives. We have earned enough money to live anywhere and to own whatever we want; but we spend less on this so that we can support orphanages and other projects that help the people of Africa. Our purpose in all of our work is to help people in Africa who live much more difficult lives than we do. Our reasons for living this way comes from our Christian faith.

But enough about me. What I hope that you can get from this blog is a lot of fast ideas to help you grow your business; and the chance to know our business a little better. If you have ideas to add to this, please let me know about these too. By having all of us who work with these products sharing knowledge and ideas together, each of us can grow more; and more people in Africa can be supported by the sales of their products here.

You can find out more about the history and purpose of Africa Imports here or on our main website africaimports.com

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