How Portia helps other women in Africa

Meet Portia. She is a college educated woman in Ghana who spends her time helping other women to escape poverty. She works with women from smaller villages who end up being exploited to work for very low wages in a larger city where she lives. Africa Imports is able to offer some products for sale that are made by women similar to the ones who Portia works to release from a life of permanent poverty. We have known Portia for just a few months, and are hoping to develop something together with her in the near future as well.

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Africa Imports
Our purpose: To help many thousands of the worlds poorest people with sustainable ways to share in the worlds resources

School teacher in Africa

Meet Kelvin

Kelvin teaches children from some exceptionally disadvantaged homes. In a very poor neighborhood close in Kabwe, Zambia, Kelvin helps children learn basic skills. He also helps administer the school which provides meals to the children as well. For some of these children, the meals from the school are often the only meals that they receive each day. Your purchases from Africa Imports help to pay Kelvin’s salary, and to provide meals for these children.

School teachers for orphan children in Africa

Meet Dorothy and Golden.

This couple are both teachers at Good News school on Lake Tanganyika in Zambia. They are both very capable and caring people, who work in difficult situations to help some of the many orphan children where they live. We were able to have dinner together with them at their home recently. Thank you for your purchases with Africa Imports which helps to make their work possible.

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