Meet Francis – African orphan boy who grew up to build school for orphans and street children

Francis Chileshe in Zambia is one of the most amazing, yet kind and humble people you could ever meet. He built a school for orphan children by starting a car wash and using almost all of the money he could make to get the school started.

There are now about 500 children who Francis either provides schooling or buys inexpensive meals for. There are teachers from the community who work at the school for free, because the school does so much good. He has hired extra people to work in his car wash, and has started another business, to raise more money for the children with. He lives a very simple life himself. His life is beautiful to see; and inspiring to be around.

Africa Imports has helped financially with some of his work during the last two years, and we were finally able to visit his school. It is unbelievably more simple than any school in the US. The video below though gives you the feel of what this kind of school; and this kind of commitment; is really like.

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Free Black soap – there is still time

During the rest of September 2017, we are adding a free bar of Dudu Osun black soap from Nigeria to each wholesale order for free.

If you miss this free offer, this is one idea that you will want to try out anyway. Dudu Osun is the #1 best selling product that Africa Imports offers. There are 3,000 other products, but this is #1. It is an all natural hand made soap from Nigeria made with shea butter, African honey, and other ingredients that are unbelievably healthy for your skin.

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Find out more in the video below.

Amazing Benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are basically large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside. They offer a nice warm glow when lit and may be beneficial for indoor air quality. These beautiful lamps are one of the hottest selling items on the market due to the many benefits attributed to them.


Here are just some of these benefits:

* Great Night Light – they are a great night light that won’t affect sleep.
* Can Cleanse & Deodorize the Air – they can attract pollutants in the air and even help neutralize the effects of electronics.
* Increased Energy Levels – salt lamps emit negative ions that can help give you more energy.
* Reduce Allergy Symptoms – having one in your home or office could help lessen some allergies.

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Congratulations Simon and Chisomo

Simon Kunda brought his fiancee Chisomo to meet us when we were in Zambia. Simon has been in Medical school for the last 2 1/2 years. Your purchases have paid for his tuition and some of his other costs during this time.

Simon will be a doctor soon. Chisomo is an attorney. These two very capable people will be working in a very poor area of Zambia where they have been spending much of their time together during the last year. They could probably both earn more money doing other things, but their heart is in helping children and their families who have no other financial resources.

They would say thank you to you themselves if they could. So would some of the people they will be living and working together with soon. Your purchases have helped to make a difference for Africa.

Simon and Chisomo Kunda

How your purchases help others…

If you are one of our wholesale buyers, you can help the most by being successful in selling African products. Not only does this help us to support these children, it also keeps people working, making their traditional crafts in Africa. The more you sell, the more people in Africa can thrive in their own businesses, and the more funds can circulate through these communities in Africa. A small sale here can go a long ways in some of these African communities.


Here’s how far it goes. Every $7.50 that you purchase from Africa Imports, sends enough money to Africa to purchase a meal for a child. Even a $75. order pays for 10 meals for kids. Here is a video made from clips taken during our recent trip to Africa. It’s a blessing to see these smiles in person!

If you are buying things for yourself, be sure to look for African made products when you can. None of us can fix these problems on our own. But together, we can make a big difference for some of these children and families. Thank you for all your support!

Back In Stock Favorite – Traditional Print Elegance Dress

One of our best selling dresses has FINALLY come back into stock; The Traditional Print Elegance Dress!


Sophisticated but simple this elegant dress has all the elements that make a woman feel like a woman. This dress has a stretch top that adheres to your figure and can be worn either on or off the shoulder, for a more exotic look. The bottom of the dress is soft and flowy, perfect for a summer night. This dress is not only comfortable but can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

This dress fits up to 36″ bust and 46″ in length and is 100% rayon. The colors that are available are blue, lime, orange, pink, purple and red.

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4 Ways African Black Soap Can Help Your Skin!

Looking for something that will deep clean those pores and help with your acne? Or perhaps you have some uneven skin tone that you are looking to even out. Whatever your skin dilemma might be, African Black Soap is certainly worthy a try!

African Black Soap is an all natural soap, made up of Roasted Cocoa Pods, Plantain Skin, Palm Oil, Shea butter, Water. Gentle enough for sensitive skin yet great for getting that deep clean, fresh skin feeling from after 1 use.

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Free ebook – How to succeed at an African Festival

Summer is a time when you can find new customers at fairs, festivals, and flea markets. This free ebook shows you how to do better.

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Passing down the heritage….

Looking to share your love for the African dashiki with the little ones in your family? We have the perfect item for you!

These new Traditional Print Hoodie Dashikis for the kids are creating quite the buzz here at Africa Imports.


These dashikis are available in sizes small through X-large and come in black, fuschia, orange and red.

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