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How to clean Batik cloth paintings and oil paintings


The really correct way to clean these is with what is called a “dry sponge” or “dry cleaning sponge” you can get these from cleaning supply companies. They are also not difficult to find online (you can search under dry cleaning sponge). These are not regular sponges, but chemically treated sponges that are used for cleaning oil paintings among other things.


A simple home remedy for this is to use white bread (like wonder bread from the grocery store). You can scrunch this up like a sponge, and blot the batik painting or oil painting clean this way. Even though this felt a little weird to do, I have done this myself with an oil painting and it worked great.

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Is heating or melting shea butter bad?

The more that any natural product is heated, the more of it’s effectiveness it can lose. Melting one of these products can make it much easier to use and store though. It can also sometimes improve the appearance; and give you more convenience to use heat in the packaging process. So what should you do?

This is a decision that you need to make for yourself. There is no answer that is right for everyone. But here’s what to consider when you need to figure it out.

Lightly heating natural products will take away some of their effectiveness…but not very much. As the temperature is increased though, you lose dramatically more potency from your products. Increasing the temperature by an extra 10 degrees can cause you to loose twice as much potency. Leaving the shea butter or other natural product hearted for any longer than necessary also causes it to lose significantly more of it’s strength.

You do not need to heat your shea butter at all. Africa Imports sells raw shea butter that has never been heated. You can order the unheated shea butter in one lb bags or in 25 lb. or 55 lb. boxes. Creamy shea butter and whipped shea butter are also produced with no heating and give your shea butter a much more workable texture.

For shea butter or other products that have been heated, Africa Imports uses the minimum heat necessary to package them, and no more than this. Shea butter is one of the most powerful skin healers in the world. This very modest heating does not change this at all. It is still amazingly potent. You will almost never notice any significant difference at all in the strength of the raw shea butter from Africa Imports no matter how it is packaged.

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The winner of the Dashiki Day Contest

Congratulations George and Heather

George and Heather Kwakuyi

Winners of the Dashiki Day photo contest

George and Heather have received a $50.00 gift certificate from Africa Imports for getting the most votes for their Dashiki photo.

Everyone else who is shown below is also getting a $10.00 gift certificate, so there are 31 winners!

Happy National Dashiki Day 2016

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Making a difference – Meet Sifa

A part of your purchases goes to help support orphans in Africa. One of the African helpers who helps with these kids is Sifa. She is shown here playing the guitar – she is taking lessons and doing so well – obviously gifted.  Sifa is 15 now – she is in a technical school for girls with internships in sewing, cooking, and doing hair. Thank you for making purchases that help to support this school and help young women like Safi achieve their goals!


Meet Faida

Your purchases with Africa Imports pay for the support of a number of orphanages in Congo and Senegal; a school in Zambia; and for help to a number of very poor children who are not in an orphanage. Some of these kids are shown here.

There were 87 children who were given food packages that were purchased through your orders last week. Some of them do not look very excited here, while they are waiting to get their packs of groceries. This food makes a huge difference in the lives of these kids though. All of the children shown are among the poorest of the poor children in Congo.

We received this letter from our representative in Congo who works at the orphanage, along with this picture.

“One new child this week is Faida Boyemo, whose photo is shown here also. His father died recently, and his mother earns a small income by selling bread. Your purchases pay for the groceries given to Faida and his mother. It was very hot when his photo was taken. Don’t mistake the perspiration for tears. Faida is a little nervous, but not sad.

Thank you for all that you do.”

Natural Black Soap

The natural black soap from Africa is all hand made in different locations in Africa. The bars of this soap vary somewhat because of this. This comes in different shades of color: from brown to almost black. This soap also differs slightly in moisture content between different bars. The color and moisture content are close enough that we consider the soap bars to be the same. Most customers for this soap feel the same way and the soap is exceptionally effective and popular. We are not able to guarantee true uniformity of color and moisture though.

If you want to, the soap can be softened or moistened fairly easily though. If a small amount of water is sprayed or otherwise applied to the soap, it will become softer and more pliable this way. Lightly wetting the soap will often (but not always) darken the color of the soap also. You can also temporarily store the soap in a plastic bag with a little bit of water. The moisture will then soak into the soap so that the soap becomes darker and more pliable by just being stored this way for a day or so.

Natural Black Soap (Many different sizes) Premium Raw Black Soap
Natural Black Soap: Cucumber Melon Natural Black Soap: Lemongrass

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How to remove paper labels from fabric

Sometimes there is a company label on the fabric that needs to be removed. This paper normally comes off fairly easily when it is heated lightly with an iron. Other times, the paper needs to be lightly wetted before it comes off easily. If this still does not work, the next step is to apply a product like Googone to loosen the glue. The paper normally comes off without this last step; but it always comes off somehow.