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Summer is a time when you can find new customers at fairs, festivals, and flea markets. This free ebook shows you how to do better.

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April 2016 Wholesale Flier

The April Wholesale Flier is now available to view and download. With fresh spring fashions, fun new accessories, and back in stock favorites–this 8 page flier is full of ideas to help boost your business. Click here to have the first look at the 33 new items in stock!

Click here to view and download the April 2016 wholesale flier.
Need to show your customers? Just download the retail or no price version to send to your customers:
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And get up to 58% off select items with the April specials!
Select clothing, jewelry, artwork, and more– all discounted until April 30, 2016. Click here to see all products on sale this month.

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NEW! Free Guide on How to Start Your Own African Business!

Free African Business Guide

Considering starting your own business? Sounds exciting. You’re probably asking yourself questions like…

“Where do I begin?”

“What do I need to do to prepare?”

“Is this going to cost a lot of money?”

“How do I know if this will work?”

Maybe you’ve already started your own business, but you want to expand and include African products. This whole process can be daunting without the right help and input from experienced business owners and wholesalers. With the right information and business tips, it can actually be a fun process that can change your life!

Africa Imports Business Guide

That’s why we made this new guide How to Start Your African Business. This fun, visual eBook gives you easy step-by-step instructions that are simple to apply and use. Here are just a few of the things you’ll find out:

– How to choose the right products
– How to create your own customer list
– How to communicate effectively with prospects and customers
– How to find the best sales locations

This guide gives you the best tried and true methods for selling African products that are working for African business throughout the US today!

Starting a business can seem really hard. Expanding your business can feel intimidating and overwhelming. But we want you to succeed. The more businesses that succeed through selling African products, the more African craftspeople can be supported, and the more African culture and handicrafts can make a difference in our world! That’s why we offer this, and many other business success tips for free. This isn’t just about sales, it’s about celebrating Africa, encouraging business growth and work opportunities for artisans in Africa, and being part of an incredible community of business owners trying to make a real difference in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Get your free guide right now here!

Customer Success Story! Batik Poncho & Pant Set

We love to hear about YOUR successes, and today we were thrilled and moved by this incredibly thoughtful email from Andrette in Dallas, Texas.

“I received my second order from Africa Imports yesterday.
I bought the Batik Poncho Pant Set (C-WS482) as a demo product – and a gift for my Mother.
She fell in love with it!
She immediately ran into the back of the house, put on a full-face of makeup and jewelry…to take this picture!

Afrocentric Pant Suit

I posted it on facebook and the positive feedback is overwhelming!

I just wanted to share this moment with you.
(My Dad is deceased and their anniversary is February 3rd. This pant set made her smile…she has not been this happy in 7 years.)

Thank you and wishing your staff a fabulous day!”

One of our main goals as a business is to see other businesses succeed with African products – do you have a success story? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you, and it would be an encouragement to other business owners out there!

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Facebook

facebook 5 reasons

So you have a storefront, or you’ve been handing out catalogs, or maybe you have a web page! That’s great! But did you know one of the most important ways to get new customers today is through social media? Social media is taking the marketing world by storm. You don’t have to buy ads in magazines anymore to make a splash. Social media has opened the door to literally millions of opportunities and ways to connect with your existing customers, find new customers, and market your products. Even spending twenty minutes a day on facebook can make a big impact on your business success.

Why Should I Use Facebook? Is it Really That Great?

Good question. A lot of people think about facebook and think personal. Sure, facebook is cool for my personal life, but what does that have to do with my business? Or, you get nervous. “I don’t want to scare away all my friends and family by constantly advertising!” Good point. In fact, one of the awesome things about social media is that it isn’t about just advertising. In fact, the best companies only do product promotions in 10% of their social media marketing. 90% is just engagement and providing useful information to the audience. Read more

Jump Starting A New Business

First things first- think about how much a new customer is worth to you. Giving samples and free products might seem “scary” to a new business owner; but as long as you know that people will love what you are offering, you can give them a product for free and still make money. Even if you lose a little money when a new customer buys something, you make money when they start to come back to you again and again. iStock_000011987106_Full
For example, one of the strangest priced items that we sell is the start up kit for people starting a new business with us. We sell this for less than we spend to send it to someone. But the starter kit really works in helping someone to grow a new business. We figured out that the people who buy the starter kit from us order almost 12 times as much in the first year as people who don’t buy the starter kit. When they succeed, then we succeed too. They sell a lot more; they make more money for their work; and they buy more product from us.
Many businesses figure out the lifetime value of their customers. If the average new customer brings them $100 of profit in the future, they feel that they can give away $10 of product to get them started, and still make $90 eventually.

You can do the same thing. Just choose a product that you know works really well for people. Give it away or sell it really cheap; and then wait for them to come back for more. If the give away product really does work for your new customers, then six months from now, you have more money than you would if you had never given the free or discounted product away.

For a lot of people, giving away a free bar of soap makes them more money than the cost of the soap. When people use one of your soaps, most of them will decide that they like it enough to order more. When they do, you make back the cost of the original soap you gave away, and end up with a repeat customer who will come back to you again and again. You can also then give the same customer samples of other products; and get them to start ordering a bigger variety of things from you over time.
Check out our best selling soaps for an idea of what might work well for you!

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How to remove paper labels from fabric

Sometimes there is a company label on the fabric that needs to be removed. This paper normally comes off fairly easily when it is heated lightly with an iron. Other times, the paper needs to be lightly wetted before it comes off easily. If this still does not work, the next step is to apply a product like Googone to loosen the glue. The paper normally comes off without this last step; but it always comes off somehow.

New catalogs are here.

2014 fall wholesale catalog 2014-09retailcatalogs-sm

Getting ready for the Fall and Winter!

Our NEW Wholesale Catalog is here and our wholesale customers should have received it by now. Not only that but we also have new retail catalogs for both personal care and Clothing available as well for purchase.

You will love this catalog! We have so much more products to sell in this 144 page catalog of totally new fashions, jewelry, artwork, and so much more! Stock up for the hottest time of the year for African products. Find the latest Fashions for the fall with warmer clothing. We are expanding our personal care section to give you more choices for your customers with very popular creams, butters, oils, soaps, and more.

Here we are introducing our new Desired Diva line of beauty products. It’s the hottest new ways to stay beautiful and youthful.

Desired Diva -gold


There is more than just new items, many of our existing items have been marked down in price to give you more of a great thing.

But you don’t need to wait! You can get a digital copy right now on your computer! Here’s how:

To view the catalog in a page-turning PDF viewer, click HERE.
To download different versions of this catalog, click HERE.

To start shopping all the latest arrivals, click HERE!