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What is the Real Meaning Behind “Traditional” Print Clothing?

Meaning Behind Dashiki or Angelina Print Fabric

Traditional print, or dashiki style clothing is becoming increasingly popular this year, and it’s not hard to see why! From vibrant colors to an exotic design this style is a great way to bring attention to your African heritage. But what does this design mean? Is there any significance to this popular print? Let’s find out! Read more

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The Meaning of Mudcloth and Mudcloth Fashions!

Whether you love to wear mudcloth or decorate and craft with it, mudcloth is surely one of the most intriguing African fabrics. Often referred to as bogalonfini in Africa, this cloth is made using a time-consuming process that involves weaving, dyeing, bleaching, washing, drying, and repeating the process till the cloth is perfect. The amazing thing about mudcloth is that it isn’t just another pretty fabric – each symbol has a meaning and each piece tells a story. Ready to find out more? Check out these two new featurettes on mudcloth fashions and the meaning and making of mudcloth.

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Mudcloth Meanings Fashion Featurette

The Meaning of Mudcloth

The Meaning of Orange in African Fashions

Orange in Africa symbolizes a lot of different virtues and characteristics, which makes it an especially fun color to wear! We hope you enjoy this featurette that talks about the meaning of orange in African fashions along with some eye-catching orange Afrocentric styles. Let us know what you think and feel free to share!

Orange African Fashions

The Meaning and Symbolism of Black Fashions

In Africa, each color has a specific meaning and symbolism. Sometimes the meanings vary from region to region, other times the meaning remains the same throughout the continent. This new featurette talks about black and what this color choice symbolizes in Africa. We hope you enjoy this! Please let us know your thoughts and comments!

African Black Fashions

The Meaning of African Kente Fashions

Kente Cloth has an amazing symbolism and history throughout Africa. It’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular accents to wear for Black History Month! We hope you enjoy this new featurette which talks about the meaning of the fabric and the symbolism of each color!

Kente Fashions