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T-Shirt Design Contest

We have many designs of T-shirts we would like to offer. Vote for the T-shirt, you would want us to offer at Africa Imports this summer.

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The winner of the Dashiki Day Contest

Congratulations George and Heather

George and Heather Kwakuyi

Winners of the Dashiki Day photo contest

George and Heather have received a $50.00 gift certificate from Africa Imports for getting the most votes for their Dashiki photo.

Everyone else who is shown below is also getting a $10.00 gift certificate, so there are 31 winners!

Happy National Dashiki Day 2016

Chokwe Mask: Beaded Hair

Originality is always different!
Own an original Chokwe mask made with rigid woven raffian beaded hair. A-WC023mThis unique mask, hand-made in Congo, has life-like slit eyes, sharp nose and broad lips. The scarification are found on the foreheads and cheeks are marks of beautification. The Chokwe mask measures 13″ long x 8″ wide.

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12×18” African American Stick Flag

The Pan-African flag, also known as the UNIA flag, African-American flag and Black Liberation Flag,is a tri-color flag consisting of three horizontal bands of red, black and green. This flag of the African nation combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. Founded by Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican political leader, public speaker, publisher, and journalist, the flag has a constitution which defines red, black, and green as the Pan-African colors.
What do the colors on the flag represent?
Red: the blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry, and shed for liberation
Black: black people whose existence as a nation, though not a nation-state, is affirmed by the existence of the flag and power
Green: the abundant natural wealth of Africa.
This African American Stick Flag‘s affordable price allows anyone to connect with the African culture.
Flag is 12″ x 18″. Stick is 24″ long. 100% Polyester.
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Kitenge Choker: ASSORTED

Turn your wardrobe into an African work of art! This beautifully hand-made Kitenge Choker wrapped in kitenge, an East African fabric, is sure to make a culture statement wherever you go.
There are many different designs on the fabric, but none can be specified. Choker measures 16″ circumference. Made in Kenya.
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Making a Difference

Meet Wati, who is shown here with his wife and child. Wati is a minister in a church in a very poor area in Zambia. The village is a large African slum in with a lot of very difficult people and situations.
Zambia Minister Wati Wati took over a church awhile ago. People have told Wati and his wife that they should use the money from the church offering as their pay. But Wati says that the some of the people in the church do not know that God really takes care of people. So Wati and his wife give the offering money to the poor people in the neighborhood instead and God provides money for them to live on in kind of unusual or miraculous ways.

Your purchases from Africa Imports now helps to pay part of the wages for this family. People like Wati make what we do here really count for some of the poorest people in Africa.
See how we help others in Africa:
Helping in Africa
How much do we give?
How can you help?

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Do Elephants Really Bring Good Luck?

In the African culture, elephants are known to be a symbol of power, strength and nobility. In fact, over the centuries elephants have grown to be popular worldwide and the belief that they bring good luck is a notion that has been passed down from generation to generation.
There are many different opinions in relation to good luck and elephant’s trunk. The most popular belief is that an elephant is only considered good luck when the trunk is up; that if the trunk is up the elephant will shower good fortune on all who wear it or walk by it. For this reason, these days raised-trunk elephant clothing, jewelry and accessories are worn as a general symbol of good luck.A-E045mElephant statues and carvings are also known to be set in entrance ways to ensure that only good fortune is able to pass through the doorway. It is believed that this will bring knowledge, longevity and success to the home.

What do YOU think? Whatever you believe, (or don’t believe), one thing everyone seems to be able to agree on is that these magnificent creatures are a fabulous way to share the beauty of the African culture!

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3 Natural Solutions to Menopause

Not all women experience symptoms with menopause, but if they do these symptoms could include hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and increased mood swings, anxiety or irritability. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot women can do to avoid these annoying conditions, but thankfully there are a few simple and natural aids that can help with the process.

The benefits of maca root have been passed down for generations.
Maca comes from a root belonging to the radish family and is grown in the mountains of Peru. It has often been called “Peruvian ginseng” or the superfood of the Andes. Maca root is known to relieve menstrual discomfort in many women and helps with issues related to menopause. It alleviates cramps, body pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, and depression related to hormonal changes.

Another natural remedy to treating menopause symptoms is flaxseed.
Flaxseed is high in estrogen-like phytoestrogens, especially lignan which can have a balancing effect on hormones. Flaxseed is the most concentrated source of SDG lignans. Adding a daily dosage of flaxseed to a healthy diet during menopause can help with reducing hot flashes and mood improvement.

If all else fails, grab a fan!
Our customers simply love the authenticity and functionality of all of our hand-woven African fans. They are sure to keep you cool during those uncomfortable, hot moments; while helping you show some real African flare!

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Small Ghana Fang Mask- Symbol Red

Experience the allure of African art! These Ghanian fang masks were great influences to many famous artists- including Picasso! Continue to share the African culture in your home with this Small Ghana Red Symbol Fang Mask. a-wc973b
No two are alike and none can be specified. Approx. 10”-12” tall. Priced per one. Made in Ghana.

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