How to clean Batik cloth paintings and oil paintings


The really correct way to clean these is with what is called a “dry sponge” or “dry cleaning sponge” you can get these from cleaning supply companies. They are also not difficult to find online (you can search under dry cleaning sponge). These are not regular sponges, but chemically treated sponges that are used for cleaning oil paintings among other things.


A simple home remedy for this is to use white bread (like wonder bread from the grocery store). You can scrunch this up like a sponge, and blot the batik painting or oil painting clean this way. Even though this felt a little weird to do, I have done this myself with an oil painting and it worked great.

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The Art of Banana Leaf Art

Banana leaf paintings aren’t really made from the banana leaves. It is actually made from strips of the bark of a banana tree, but a banana tree is not like most trees we know. Their trunk is actually layered similar to an onion.

Villagers peel strips off the banana tree and there are many variation of colors of the strips which depends on the age and type of banana tree. An artist would let the banana strips dry which changes the colors. Then they cure it to keep the color permanent. They would painstakingly use the different colored strips in their painting. Making a banana leaf painting is a time consuming process and the artists are devoted to their crafts.

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